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LA Tenorio: From ‘The Cancer’ to ‘The Answer’

Lewis Alfred Tenorio was traded to Ginebra from Alaska before the start of the 2012-2013 Season of the PBA and a lot of the Ginebra fans are already hyped upon his arrival for they know that LA could be one of the answer of the Ginebra’s aging Backcourt and also for Ginebra’s halfcourt stability.

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LA did not disappoint the Ginebra faithfuls during his 1st season on Ginebra. He logged in a average of 13.6 PPG, 4.8 RPG and 6.3 APG and even won the Best Player award during the Commissioner’e Cup. Although Ginebra wasn’t able to enter the Semis during the Philippine Cup,Governor’s cup and unable to bag the championship on the Commissioner’s Cup. The fans still had high hopes because of the Acquisition of Japeth Aguilar and LA.

Photo by: Interaksyon.com

Entering the 2013-2014 PBA season, People considered ginebra to be the team to watch out, for they’ve Selected Greg Slaughter in the Rookie Draft. People says that LA would have an easy time orchestrating the Ginebra offense due to the presence of the Ginebra’s “Twin Tower” consisting of Greg Slaughter and Japeth Aguilar.

The Expectation was really met in the Elimination round of the Philippine Cup, Ginebra Finished at the top of the elimination and Japeth and Greg has been producing well. LA on the other hand is doing his job quite well feeding the ball to Greg or Japeth.

Everything was going well for Ginebra up until the Semis of the 2013 Philippine Cup on where they faced Tim Cone’s San Mig Coffee Mixers. The series was very close but Ginebra lost in the close Game 7. Fans were heartbroken, people were disappointed because they thought that this is the time Ginebra will bag their first championship in 7 years.

So, After the Philippine Cup, their has been a lot of coaching change. In the Commissioner’s Cup it was Juno Sauler who was calling the shot but eventually failed also and this was the start of the struggle of Lewis Alfred Tenorio.

In the Governor’s cup, Jeffrey Cariaso was elevated as head coach of the Barangay Ginebra hoping to fix the system. LA was named as team captain because Coach Jeffrey said that LA is familiar in the Triangle offense and was hoping he could share this to his teammates.

Fans became patient for they know Triangle offense is a complex system, again they weren’t able to pass the Quarterfinals in the Governor’s cup and LA is still losing his numbers.

the 2015 PBA season came and people are again hyped on Ginebra because they were given a lot of time to practice the Triangle offense hoping for a new result in this season.

Unfortunately Ginebra did not even pass the Quarterfinals in the Philippine Cup, Jeffrey Cariaso was sacked as head coach and Coach Ato returned to the helm of Ginebra and in this season LA had his lowest numbers donning the Ginebra jersey.

In the 2014-2015 season, LA Averaged 9.8 PPG, 3.9 RPG, and 3.9 APG which was his lowest during his stint in Ginebra.

Before the Start of the Commissioner’s Cup, this was the beginning of the rumors on which it says LA will be traded for different players. At first it was only just a rumor, no one even cared and fans still wanted to give LA another shot to redeem himself.

But then Commissioner’s Cup has ended and Ginebra again wasn’t able to surpass the Quarterfinal Round. This sparked the rumors even more. Fans became disappointed to LA’s diminishing numbers and they wanted him out of the team. Some fans even called him Cancer of the team and even said that in order for Ginebra to go back to winning form is that they must get rid of LA and get another Point Guard on the likes of Stanley Pringle or Terrence Romeo.

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Come 2014 Governor’s Cup, Frankie Lim was hailed as the new Head coach of Ginebra and LA is still on the team. Some Fans are somewhat disappointed that LA is still on the team and wasn’t able to get either Terrence Romeo or Stanley Pringle because Frankie Lim’s system is run and gun and fans don’t see LA fit for that system.

Expectations are high again, People are still focused on LA if he’s going to produce again. Unfortunately Ginebra ended the season with another disappointment and again, fans wanted to replace Tenorio already.

Rumors are continiously swirling during the off season, but the SMC management made a move that really shocked not just the whole Fanbase of Ginebra but also to some basketball fans.

Tim Cone was moved as head coach of Barangay Ginebra San Miguel from Purefoods Star Hotshots, replacing Frankie Lim hoping to really bring back the glory of Ginebra. Before the season starts, Tim Cone traded a lot of players and acquired the players that he thinks will strive into his system.

I saw this move as a resurrection of not just Ginebra’s Campaign but also LA’s career also.

At the start of the Philippine Cup, it was evident that Ginebra is still learning the system but it was also obvious that LA’s performance and confidence is slowly coming back. He’s back to his “Gineral” game on where he serves as a facilitator and only scores when needed. Again Ginebra weren’t able to enter the Quarterfinals of both Philippine Cup and Commissioner’s Cup. But fans were again back up to their feet and felt that Ginebra is slowly improving under Tim Cone.

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Come Governor’s Cup, Greg Slaughter was injured, so Tim Cone did an adjustment to his offense. He veered away from the Structured Triangle offense and replaced it with a high octane offense. Most of the Ginebra’s Lineup benefited from this change of offense especially LA Tenorio. During this change, LA had a drastic change of his stats compared to the last 2 seasons he had with ginebra. Also LA has been quite effective on facilitating the offense of Ginebra, he registered a 11.1 PPG, 3.9 RPG and 4.2 APG. Not just he is registering some big numbers, Ginebra also entered the Semi finals and later on defeated the San Miguel beermen to battle the Meralco bolts in the ongoing Finals of the PBA Governor’s cup.

during the 2016 Governor’s Cup Playoffs, LA had his best games wearing the Ginebra uniform and averaging 18.7 PPG, 4.6 RPG and 5.4 APG.

It is really a wonder on how LA Tenorio stayed composed amidst all of the trade rumors and tongue lashing he got from the fans. It’s also funny to see that people who said that LA was a cancer for the team is now Appreciating him and considered him again as the important piece of Ginebra’s offense and defense.

I never gave up on LA, seriously, I know he still had that essence of a prime Point guard of the Philippine basketball. Yes there are times that I get frustrated on him but I really never wanted him out of Ginebra because I know for sure that when you give him a good coach who really knows his role and how to use him, he’s definitely going to produce for the team.

I really admired LA for the resiliency he showed, From Cancer of the team back then now he became the Answer.

Will LA finally be the Answer for Ginebra’s Championship Drought? Well I hope so.


Gilas Cadets: The Barometer of Philippine Basketball

Fiba Asia Challenge Cup will be held on September 9-18 and will be hosted by Iran.

Every Asian country gathered their national team to prepare for the Tournament. While Most countries stuck with their same Lineup, the Philippines opted to go different.

The Philippines won’t be fielding the same Lineup we had during the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament due to the conflict of schedule on the ongoing PBA Governor’s Cup, Instead they formed a team which is merely composed of Cadets or players who haven’t played in the PBA.

But first here is your Gilas 5.0 lineup:

Head Coach: Josh Reyes

  1. Kevin Ferrer
  2. Ed Daquioag
  3. Alfonso Gotladera
  4. Almond Vosotros
  5. Jonathan Grey
  6. Von Pessumal
  7. Chris Javier
  8. Mike Tolomia
  9. Mac Belo
  10. Russel Escoto
  11. Roger Pogoy
  12. Carl Cruz
  13. Cjay Perez
  14. Arnold Van Opstal

Most of the names are quite familiar especially if you are watching college basketball here in the Philippines. Those are big names in their own respective schools but even though, a lot of fans still questions this move by the Gilas management.

Many are saying that this won’t reach high in the tournament because some countries are still sticking with their same lineup consisting of Professional players.

I won’t say I like the move of the Gilas Management, but it’s the most practical way because of our pros playing in the PBA and their mother teams won’t even allow them to play for Gilas.

Luckily this FIBA Challenge cup won’t be as critical as the FIBA Asia Championships like the one we had on China in 2015. Also this tournament would serve as a barometer not just for the capability of Gilas 5.0 but also for the future of Philippine Basketball.Why?

These players are Young and haven’t even stepped in the PBA yet, so it’s already a disadvantage for us compared to other countries who had professional players. Now, if they were able to put a good fight against the top tier Asian countries like: Korea, China and Iran, then it’s safe to say that the future of Philippine basketball is big with the players right now.

Also it shows that these colleges and universities are really good in producing and training the players, which also a good sign for Philippine basketball because it means that they are continuing creating some quality players that could one day be a key for the success of our National Team.

So despite of all of this criticism, let’s just hope and support that this Gilas 5.0 would give a good fight against other Asian countries, not only for our National Pride but also it would just show that our Basketball program is really developing and producing High quality basketball players.

Imagine, Gilas Cadets consisting of Non-Pro Players putting up a great fight with these professional players of other country? It’s a good thing to see right?



Coach Leo Isaac: The Maker or Breaker for Blackwater?

The Blackwater elite is on the bottom of the standings again with the Star hotshots and also on the verge of elimination again if they won’t pull a miracle right now in the PBA Governor’s Cup.

Photo Credit to inquirer.net

Most of the people would say “hey that’s normal, they are a expansion team so that’s what expected of them”. Yeah, I know it’s normal for blackwater to have this kind of standing since they have a lot of young players and they’re a expansion team.

But after seeing the Mahindra Enforcers (Formerly Kia) slowly climbing up the standings, I’m starting to forget that “They are only an expansion team” mindset. In the past few conferences there are times that Mahindra is being a ‘giant killer’, beating some of the big teams. Right now, under Coach Chris Gavina, They are now on the 3rd of the standing compared to Blackwater’s  12 (which is the last).

Right now I can’t help but wonder, is Coach Leo Isaac the right coach for this young team? I am not questioning the skills of Coach Leo, well he brought the franchise to a D-league championship which makes it a reason for them to go up in the big league.

Photo Credit to Spin.ph

But the PBA is very different compared to the D-league, I really can’t point out what excatly is wrong, but his style on coaching is not effective. You see Paper wise, Blackwater is better than Mahindra and yet Mahindra is slowly improving and they are always in the bottom of the standings.

All I can say is that, Blackwater has two choices, it’s either replace Coach Leo Isaac with coaches who really had an experience coaching in the PBA or find players that will really be effective in Coach Leo’s system.

Maybe I am wrong, Maybe it’s just because they are having a lot of injured players right now and his players and the coaching staffs are adjusting. But I really do hope that coach Leo (if Blackwater will still give him a chance the next season) would prove me wrong and transform Blackwater into a contender team, like what Mahindra is right now.


Why Sanchir’s Stint in Ginebra Bad for Philippine Basketball and Good for Mongolia

Before the start of the Governor’s Cup Ginebra tapped Sanchir Tungalag of Mongolia to be their Asian import.

(c) to paul ryan tan and Sports 5
(c) to paul ryan tan and Sports 5

Sanchir averaged 16.6 Points, 5.6 rebounds and 1.18 assist per game during the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea. But when the Governors Cup came he only averages 4.5 points, 1.0 rebound for Ginebra. also there was this “benching” incident that gains the ire of the fans not just local but also fans of sanchir in Mongolia. The main reason why he is not being used by Coach Frankie Lim is because of ‘Language barriers’. Today, reports came that this will be his last game with Ginebra. It also said there that the new Asian Import of Ginebra will arrive Monday.

Now with Sanchir’s stint in Ginebra, I think this would have a bad effect on the PBA and Good for Mongolia. Why is it bad for the PBA and Good for Mongolia?

Sanchir is a well known player in Mongolia, he is considered as one of the best in basketball when it comes to their country. After hearing that he’s being tapped by Ginebra, many Mongolian fans were happy because it is rare to see a Mongolian player to play in a League like this. Many fans, local or Mongolian fans expected a lot on Sanchir. But when the Governors Cup Started, He was not being used by Ginebra and only played limited minutes. Fans were wondering why he was not getting the minutes. So every after game, Local and even Mongolian fans are ranting on the internet on why Sanchir is benched and not used. Netizens commented that Sanchir could produce more if he was given the minutes he deserves.

With this, I think it’s a bad publicity for PBA especially towards the Mongolian fans because they knew that Sanchir got the potential and yet he was not being used. I mean how could not they be frustrated, your country’s best player is not being used in a League. It’s like benching a Jayson Castro in a foreign League, I’m sure a lot of Filipino fans would also be frustrated if that happens, I mean like the best point guard of Asia will be benched on a team in a foreign league that’s bulls**t right? So I guess that’s how the Mongolian Fans felt towards the PBA and Ginebra after they saw what Ginebra did to their star player, So I guess I can’t blame them.

But there is also a positive thing on Sanchir’s Stint here in the PBA. With his stint, he was able to represent Mongolia to the Filipino People. Mongolia is very foreign for a lot of people, because Mongolia doesn’t have any person who are actually known across the world (well except for Genghis Khan, but that was ages ago). Also Mongolia is a underdeveloped country even though it’s in the middle of two Giants: China and Russia. Mongolia is still on the verge of development and still has a long way to go before they could be developed like their Neighboring Countries. But comparing to the Philippines, we are more developed than them. So I guess that’s one major factor on why Mongolia is very foreign to a lot of people but with the help of Sanchir, Filipino Basketball fans were able to notice not just Sanchir Tungalag’s basketball skills but also Sanchir’s Mother country, Mongolia.