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Gilas Cadets: The Barometer of Philippine Basketball

Fiba Asia Challenge Cup will be held on September 9-18 and will be hosted by Iran.

Every Asian country gathered their national team to prepare for the Tournament. While Most countries stuck with their same Lineup, the Philippines opted to go different.

The Philippines won’t be fielding the same Lineup we had during the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament due to the conflict of schedule on the ongoing PBA Governor’s Cup, Instead they formed a team which is merely composed of Cadets or players who haven’t played in the PBA.

But first here is your Gilas 5.0 lineup:

Head Coach: Josh Reyes

  1. Kevin Ferrer
  2. Ed Daquioag
  3. Alfonso Gotladera
  4. Almond Vosotros
  5. Jonathan Grey
  6. Von Pessumal
  7. Chris Javier
  8. Mike Tolomia
  9. Mac Belo
  10. Russel Escoto
  11. Roger Pogoy
  12. Carl Cruz
  13. Cjay Perez
  14. Arnold Van Opstal

Most of the names are quite familiar especially if you are watching college basketball here in the Philippines. Those are big names in their own respective schools but even though, a lot of fans still questions this move by the Gilas management.

Many are saying that this won’t reach high in the tournament because some countries are still sticking with their same lineup consisting of Professional players.

I won’t say I like the move of the Gilas Management, but it’s the most practical way because of our pros playing in the PBA and their mother teams won’t even allow them to play for Gilas.

Luckily this FIBA Challenge cup won’t be as critical as the FIBA Asia Championships like the one we had on China in 2015. Also this tournament would serve as a barometer not just for the capability of Gilas 5.0 but also for the future of Philippine Basketball.Why?

These players are Young and haven’t even stepped in the PBA yet, so it’s already a disadvantage for us compared to other countries who had professional players. Now, if they were able to put a good fight against the top tier Asian countries like: Korea, China and Iran, then it’s safe to say that the future of Philippine basketball is big with the players right now.

Also it shows that these colleges and universities are really good in producing and training the players, which also a good sign for Philippine basketball because it means that they are continuing creating some quality players that could one day be a key for the success of our National Team.

So despite of all of this criticism, let’s just hope and support that this Gilas 5.0 would give a good fight against other Asian countries, not only for our National Pride but also it would just show that our Basketball program is really developing and producing High quality basketball players.

Imagine, Gilas Cadets consisting of Non-Pro Players putting up a great fight with these professional players of other country? It’s a good thing to see right?




Guo Ai Lun-Terrence Romeo: A exciting matchup we might never see again

While I was watching the replay of the Philippines vs China in the last year Fiba Asia Championship, I can’t help but notice this young guard of China named Guo Ai Lun.

I was like “Damn, He’s really good”. But on the other hand, I also see Terrence romeo doing his thing against China which is not quite surprising because I have seen him play in the PBA and I know what he can do.

So after watching them play, I can’t help but notice and compare the both of them, knowing that romeo is one of the Future of Philippine Basketball and Guo is also the future of Chinese basketball.

(C) Getty Images

Guo Ai Lun is a 6’4, 22 year old Guard of China  he is currently playing in the Liaoning Flying Leopards in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). In the latest season of the CBA, Guo averages 13.7 PPG, 5.1 APG and 2.9 RPG and is showing brilliance in the whole league.

Guo is a Cat quick guard which can shoot three ball, can slash into the basket using his speed and has a good court vision which makes him as their starter for the Chinese National Team also he could play both Shooting and Point Guard position

(C) CNN Philippines


on the other hand, We have Terrence Romeo who is a 5’11, 24 year old guard of the Philippines, Currently he is playing for the Global Port batang pier in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). Romeo averages 24.8 PPG, 3.7 APG and 4.3 RPG and making a huge buzz in the Philippine basketball lately.

Romeo is an electric point guard who has a pretty good handle, he even was tagged as “Kyrie Irving of the Philippines” because of his handles. But unlike Guo, Terrence is more of a Score-first guard but also can play the Point guard position which makes him a huge asset for the Gilas Lineup.

In their first ever match-up Guo got the better of Terrence by beating the Philippines to clinch the spot for the Olympics. But it’s the first stint of Romeo in the National team while Guo already had a couple of stints in the Chinese national team, if Romeo still improved in the International scene, I am sure these two will be fun to watch

but it makes me wonder, will we see another match-up between these two electric guards?

As we all know, after the FIBA World Cup, The format will be changed and it’s going to hit the Philippines hard (http://basketball.ca/en/news-article/fiba-announces-new-format-and-calendar-of-competition-p152611).

The possible solution that Manny V. Pangilinan (Owner of Gilas Pilipinas) has presented is that we go back to the Gilas Cadet program in which we are going to select people who are not yet drafted to enter the program and commit themselves to Gilas thus resulting for them not to enter the PBA draft.

Once this pushes thru, it will hard to see any PBA players compete and play for Gilas because of the schedule of FIBA and their mother team might not allow it.

But I hope our basketball governing bodies would find a way to fix the scheduling problems and let Gilas have it’s full potential, and that is why I am not losing hope for another Romeo-Guo Ai Lun match-up in the future.

(C) FIBA.com