Being the Good guy

“Nice guys finish last” yan ang pagkarinig ko sa isang kanta, yes I would actually say na totoo yan. Nice guys always gets to be the last Also they are the last options if all else fails.

Pero ayaw niyo yun? nasa inyo pa rin ang huling halakhak. Sabi nga nila “It’s not how you start, but how you finish.”

Nice guys often gets friendzoned by their crushes because some of them thinks that they are boring, pero meron din naman minsan na kahit nice guy they get to have their girl.

Pero it’s nice being the good guy, you’ll have a lot of friends (Syempre kasi mabait ka), many people will respect you and you won’t have a stressful life (well stress do really come in our life pero mas hindi stressful pag good guy ka)

bakit? kasi syempre when you’re a good guy tahimik buhay mo, syempre off the radar ka ng mga tao (well depende sa ibang tao).

Ako kasi I am considering myself as a Good/nice guy. I don’t usually party a lot, I do have a small group of friends (which I totally cherish) and I’m single and always friendzoned lol.

Pero syempre may downside din ang masyadong Nice. You can’t have the girls, kasi as far as I’ve observed, Girls likes the guys who are very mysterious and I guess that’s not the trait of a nice guy like me kasi ako when I like someone, sinasabi ko pero ngayon I’m practicing myself to be ‘mysterious’ lol.

Sa sobrang nice ko nga lagi ako naffriendzone and there was this one time na sobrang na-down ako sa sarili ko kasi na-reject na naman ako ng isang girl. I was really sad na sinisi ko pa sarili ko dahil nice ako pero may na-realize din naman ako. I’ve realized na maybe she is not the girl for me and God is preparing something better for me.

And after that I’ve embraced the reality na ganito na talaga ako and pinasok ko na sa isipan ko na whatever happens, it’s all in his plan and never be sad again.

You see being a nice guy have its upside and downside, lahat naman eh actually, pero nasa atin na yun if we’re going to see the happenings in our life as positive or negative. Kung lumaki ka talagang Nice guy, stay the way you are. kahit ilang beses ka mafriendzone ni girly, don’t fret, just live life and be happy. Spend time with your friends and family. basta mag enjoy ka lang kasi in the end naman we will finish no matter what.

Always remember “Being real is the best thing a person could be”


What does a Joseph Yeo brings to a team like Ginebra?

Now with the Acquisition of the NLEX Franchise on the Air21 Franchise, The team looks to Revamp the players and the coaching staffs. One move they did is Sending Michael Burtscher into the unprotected list and also Trading Joseph Yeo for a 1st round pick to Ginebra.

Now Ginebra Acquired Joseph Yeo, the Question remains: What would he bring in this Ginebra team?

Joseph yeo is a talented player, his career was revived in the Air21 team and I’m sure having him on a team is really a treasure indeed.

Here are the things Joseph yeo can bring in the Ginebra camp:

* His Versatility – Joseph yeo is a stretch-1, he can play point guard even though his original position is a Shooting guard. During his stint on Air 21, The team is lacking a legit point guard and when Joseph Yeo went to the team he has no choice but to slide down into the Point Guard Position so that the Air 21 would have at least a point guard. Now him being versatile is a big factor for this ginebra team because the team is now using the Triangle offense and in the offense being versatile is a huge factor, if you can set the triangle and at the same time be a threat in the offense then you’re going to be unpredictable and being unpredictable/surprising is one of the purpose of the Triangle Offense.

* His Athleticism – Joseph yeo is still fast, he still can run the floor and with that Athleticism he will help the veterans like JJ helterbrand and Mark Caguioa to have a breather and also help the team when they are in need of speed.

* His Fighting Spirit – Ginebra is known for it’s “Never Say Die” Spirit and as we all know Joseph yeo has loads of Fighting Spirit and he might Inject this team some of his Fighting Spirit and revive the old “Never Say Die” Spirit.

But the problem of having Joseph yeo in the Ginebra is that they are already loaded up in the Guard position and he might not get the minutes he had and might not produce like he did during his Air21 Days.

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