What Gilas needs

We are mid-way Jones Cup and Gilas Pilipinas is showing some flashes of what they can do in the FIBA Asia Championships. But this is a new group there are many flaws also being shown on their past few games in the Jones Cup.

I am no coach, I am just a avid viewer of the game and now here are the things that I think this Gilas team needs to fix/improve for them to bolster their campaign for gold in this Fiba Asia Championship.

Be consistent on their outside shooting.

This is a problem for the team since the beginning of the League. They have been shooting a lot of three ball but they can’t connect. like their game against Taipei, they only made 8 shots on the 36 attempts they made. Against Korea they only made 8 shots out of 22 attempts.

Yes we like to play physical inside, but let’s be practical. We must improve on that because we Filipinos aren’t that big and facing against big enemies would give us a hard time getting inside the rim. For them to have a huge chance against towering rivals they must hit the three ball smart and consistently. Perfect example for that is the Koreans, They are not as tall like China, Iran nor other countries neighboring countries but with their lack of height, they make it up to their outside shooting.

Once this Gilas Squad accomplished this, We would be deadly because we are not just a threat when we play inside the paint or the perimeter but also when we play the trey ball.

True Point guard

I am not saying that Terrence romeo or Jayson Castro sucks at being point guard (He’s the Best Point guard in Asia after all). Both of them have their own style of play, but the problem I’ve observed in this squad is that there is no guy who is willing to stabilize the court when the defense and offense is in disarray.

I noticed that during their first game, when Taipei threatened them with a run and Gilas started to panic. They suddenly committed turnovers and forced some shots. Luckily The Chinese Taipei went out of Gas and Gilas started to roll, winning the game.

Well if you’re going to ask me, the only person that could fill that gap is none other than: LA Tenorio. Not because I’m a Ginebra fan or anything but if you could study LA during his stint in Gilas you know what he can bring.

I remember the 2013 FIBA asia Championship here in Manila, especially the unforgettable Korean game. The Koreans gave Gilas a scary run in the early 4th quarter and Gilas can’t regroup. What coach Chot reyes did, he placed Castro or Jimmy in the 2nd spot while he used Tenorio at the 1st. While Tenorio is manning the court, Gilas was able to regain composure and you know the rest. Gilas won via the heroic shot of Jimmy Alapag which sparked the final run for Gilas.

After watching these past games of Gilas, I really miss having a Tenorio in the team to stabilize their backcourt.

Limit Turnovers

Yes I Understand this is a whole new Gilas squad and Turnovers will be a part of the learning and jelling process of the team but if they really want to aim for the gold in the Fiba Asia Championship they should limit Turnovers.

In their Korean game they’ve committed 14 Turnovers.  Most of them was during the 4th quarter, and the Koreans was able to capitalize on most of those turnovers resulting for Gilas to have a hard time on getting the lead.

Also we are a small squad, we must make our lack of height on the fluidity of our offense. Yes Height is might but it is very important to have a smooth flow of offense and defense to win the game.

Young Center

Yes we do have Sonny Thoss and Asi but they aren’t young anymore, Yes I know they can still hold their ground against their foreign counterpart but the stamina and quickness will be a factor here. We all know that both of them are already pass their prime, they can’t run quick anymore and they are easily to get tired.

Gilas needs some Young Center who could run, Have a low post offense and defense, Perimeter game is on point and also who is tall.

“Meron naman tayo niyan ahh Si Junemar Fajardo”

Yes we have Junemar Fajardo but according to reports he is injured and won’t be able to play for Gilas. Sadly I still haven’t seen any Center that can have a caliber like Junemar. (Sorry Greg you gotta improve that low post defense and offense first before I consider you up to par with JMF)

“How About Blatche He can play Center”

Yes Blatche can play center but most of the time he plays the Power Forward position, but yes he is definitely loaded.

The question now, who is going to sub Blatche?

With the thin Lineup at the PF-C (Asi and Thoss) Gilas would have a hard time on how they manage the rotation for the 4-5 spot that’s why we needed another center who is young.

Look at China, they have a lot of players in the PF-C that is also complete in package. So whenever they sub the other one, they won’t have to worry a lot.

But I am not Coach Tab, and I’m sure he can address what Gilas lacks.

But aside from all of the things I’ve mentioned, the important thing that Gilas needs is our SUPPORT. Yes we don’t have any Marcio Lassiter, Junemar Fajardo, Japeth Aguilar, LA Tenorio or a Paul Lee in this lineup but what we have here right now is players who would really Die for the country, players who are itching to represent our country to the world. Isn’t that what matters?

Yes we may have a strong lineup but what if most of them don’t feel to represent our country like the guys right now? Nothing, we won’t reach the achievement we reached the last time.

But if every single guy on the team is willing to sacrifice anything for the country, even though they are composed of 2nd stringers or 3rd. We will have a high chance on reaching our goal because every one of them is determined to bring home the glory for our country.

That is what PUSO is. PUSO is not just what they say in the pre-game or post-game huddle. PUSO is sacrificing everything for the love of country. PUSO is the support we will give to the men fighting for our country, WIN or LOSE we will stick with them no matter what.

That is why before you say PUSO, ask yourself first: Are you just saying PUSO only when they win? or even they lose? because just like they say, when you really love something, you will accept him/her no matter what the flaw is


Why Sanchir’s Stint in Ginebra Bad for Philippine Basketball and Good for Mongolia

Before the start of the Governor’s Cup Ginebra tapped Sanchir Tungalag of Mongolia to be their Asian import.

(c) to paul ryan tan and Sports 5
(c) to paul ryan tan and Sports 5

Sanchir averaged 16.6 Points, 5.6 rebounds and 1.18 assist per game during the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea. But when the Governors Cup came he only averages 4.5 points, 1.0 rebound for Ginebra. also there was this “benching” incident that gains the ire of the fans not just local but also fans of sanchir in Mongolia. The main reason why he is not being used by Coach Frankie Lim is because of ‘Language barriers’. Today, reports came that this will be his last game with Ginebra. It also said there that the new Asian Import of Ginebra will arrive Monday.

Now with Sanchir’s stint in Ginebra, I think this would have a bad effect on the PBA and Good for Mongolia. Why is it bad for the PBA and Good for Mongolia?

Sanchir is a well known player in Mongolia, he is considered as one of the best in basketball when it comes to their country. After hearing that he’s being tapped by Ginebra, many Mongolian fans were happy because it is rare to see a Mongolian player to play in a League like this. Many fans, local or Mongolian fans expected a lot on Sanchir. But when the Governors Cup Started, He was not being used by Ginebra and only played limited minutes. Fans were wondering why he was not getting the minutes. So every after game, Local and even Mongolian fans are ranting on the internet on why Sanchir is benched and not used. Netizens commented that Sanchir could produce more if he was given the minutes he deserves.

With this, I think it’s a bad publicity for PBA especially towards the Mongolian fans because they knew that Sanchir got the potential and yet he was not being used. I mean how could not they be frustrated, your country’s best player is not being used in a League. It’s like benching a Jayson Castro in a foreign League, I’m sure a lot of Filipino fans would also be frustrated if that happens, I mean like the best point guard of Asia will be benched on a team in a foreign league that’s bulls**t right? So I guess that’s how the Mongolian Fans felt towards the PBA and Ginebra after they saw what Ginebra did to their star player, So I guess I can’t blame them.

But there is also a positive thing on Sanchir’s Stint here in the PBA. With his stint, he was able to represent Mongolia to the Filipino People. Mongolia is very foreign for a lot of people, because Mongolia doesn’t have any person who are actually known across the world (well except for Genghis Khan, but that was ages ago). Also Mongolia is a underdeveloped country even though it’s in the middle of two Giants: China and Russia. Mongolia is still on the verge of development and still has a long way to go before they could be developed like their Neighboring Countries. But comparing to the Philippines, we are more developed than them. So I guess that’s one major factor on why Mongolia is very foreign to a lot of people but with the help of Sanchir, Filipino Basketball fans were able to notice not just Sanchir Tungalag’s basketball skills but also Sanchir’s Mother country, Mongolia.

Hot and Cold: The Bipolar weather

Yesterday April 21, 2015 I have experienced a unusual and weird weather changes. First in the morning until noon it was very hot, it’s so hot you could cook an egg outside the sun. But when the clock reaches 1:30 the sky started to change, Blue became silver and white became grey. I was telling myself that it won’t rain because it’s summer or it will rain but it will only be a drizzle. I thought wrong, after the sky changes its peaceful color to a scary one winds started to brew, not just ordinary wind but strong winds as if it was like signal number 4 in the metro. After 15 minutes of strong winds then the torrential rain came, It was a sudden change of weather we’re all shocked because most of us just saw it was sunny outside then suddenly it rained hard.

Photo was taken April 15,2015 at Trinity University of asia during the Strong rain that poured throughout Metro Manila
Photo was taken April 15,2015 at Trinity University of Asia during the Strong rain that poured throughout Metro Manila

For me I think this is unusual because it’s April and it is mid-summer. Yes rain is sometimes usual during summer because of cloud seeding but this kind of torrential rain is very unusual to happen because these kinds of rain happens only during July-September here in the Philippines. Especially right now we are experiencing El Nino and experts have said that they are not expecting rain until August yet a rain like this poured. Even though the rain only lasted for an hour it resulted to flood in some areas like North Avenue. Maybe for now this is very unusual for us but because of the effect of Climate change, this kinds of rain during summer might be very usual in the future. So I think it’s best for us to play a role in helping the environment because this one is a message to tell us all that Mother earth is starting to change its mood towards us. So if we don’t want these kinds of weather abnormalities again, LET US HELP SAVE AND TAKE CARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT.

Unfinished Business: Why Ato Agustin isn’t a bad ‘replacement’ after all

Ginebra changed its Coaching staff again, they booted out Jeffrey Cariaso after a dismal performance only finishing the 1st round of the playoffs this 2014 Philippine Cup thus making the return of Ato Agustin as their head coach.

Coach Ato isn’t new in Barangay ginebra, Remember he was the coach of Ginebra during the 2013 Philippine Cup and even reached the semis round but fell short in Tim Cone’s San Mig Coffee Mixers (Now Purefoods). But after the run, he was demoted in the Commissioner’s Cup, he was still the head coach but the one who is calling the shots is their Head Assistant coach Juno Sauler.

Ginebra had a ugly run on their Commissioner’s Cup making Juno Sauler not effective, then Cariaso came for the Govs cup until this 2014 Philippine Cup.

But the thing is, Ato agustin shouldn’t be ousted in the first place, he brought Ginebra to the semis (Which is rare) but only fell short in the Game 7 against the Tim Cone-led San Mig coffee, they did not give him chance to grow more on Ginebra and I can see that with his hands, Ginebra is on the right hand and Now that he’s going to relive the Run-and-Gun offense which made Ginebra famous. Remember when Alfrancis Chua revived the run-and-gun offense for ginebra? Yes we’ve reached Finals in the commissioners Cup

So I guess if you combine the Pick and roll (which Ato used back in the Philippine cup) and the Run and gun, it would be good for ginebra especially they have the players for the Pick and roll (Slaughter, Reyes, Mamaril, Tenorio, Brondial, Caguioa, Yeo, Urbiztondo and Helterbrand) and for their Run and gun (Ellis, Yeo, Caguioa, Helterbrand, Urbiztondo, Tenorio, Aguilar, Forrester)

But I really do hope that this will be the last change in the coaching staff for Ginebra in the next 2-3 years even if Coach Ato isn’t Successful because chemistry is really a big factor for the team and we have all the tools, we just have to be consistent on what we’re doing also I hope that the Unfinished business of Coach Ato will now be finished in the next conference or the next years to come.

Alaska-RoS: The Kontrapelo Matchup

The San miguel beermen are enjoying a 2-0 lead while on the other series the Alaska Aces and the Rain or shine Elasto Painters are really fighting for the lead. Alaska just won game 3 which makes it a 2-1 standing but as far as the matchup is concerned, this won’t be a easy semis for both teams.

Why is that?

First I’m going to give you a brief detail about the Alaska Aces:

Alaska Aces lead by their head coach Alex compton is now using the full court press as their primary defense, at the start of the conference it’s been very evident that Alaska is going for that Press defense against all team and it turns out to be great for the team. Also they have a good bench which produces good numbers even with limited minutes given to them (special mention to Banchero, Eman and Exeminiano). And I would like to mention their offense, their offense is a ‘Free flowing’ style of offense which allows the players to make their decision in the court but having some default plays given by the coach, this would benefit a lot of their players especially Calvin Abueva. Abueva is not the player you would want in the triangle because it’s like you’re putting a chain on him and preventing him to explode. That’s what happened on Abueva during the helm of Coach Luigi Trillo, on the triangle abueva wasn’t able to release the beast because it’s not his gamestyle. Same goes for other players like Baguio and Espinas. Now look at what abueva is doing inside the court, He’s dominating the boards and scoring also providing Alaska a much needed energy and hustles. Now look at where are they now, they’re 2-1 in the semis

But let us not forget their Rivals for this Semi-final matchup, the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters:

After the loss on the last season’s Governors Cup, Rain or shine decided to change their gamestyle from pick and roll, to Run and gun offense. Coach yeng might’ve realize that his men are capable of running (Well let’s exclude the Extra rice Inc.) and they are lacking of height. It was evident during their finals Match against San mig coffee where the big guys of SMC like Devance, Reavis and Yancy De Ocampo are dominating the bigs of Coach yeng. But the change in offense did not boggle Rain or Shine, instead it looked great for them because they finished the elimination rounds in 2nd place earning them the right to automatic Semis. Anyway, This run and gun offense can really compliment RoS because of their lineup with Raymond Almazan (6’9) only their LEGIT big guy and the rest are 6’6 below, They really have no choice but to fasten up the pace of their offense, or else other team who has a lot of big men will just eat them up.

Now why with the Kontrapelo Matchup?

It’s because of their contrasting style, Rain or shine uses the Run and gun as their offense and the Alaska using their Full court press as their defense. When Alaska Presses Rain or shine, the tendency is that Rain or shine will have to slow down because they might force a turn over but there is also a bad effect on the Full court press, If Rain or shine Breaks the press, then some of its players will have a wide space for them to drive or a kick out (if the help defense came) and might leave one RoS Player open for a trey or a easy drive to the basket.

Also it’s the style of both coaches, Yeng Guiao is the type of Coach who would field all of his available players. That is also what Coach Alex’ Becoming, During the Elimination round, we can see Sam Eman, Exemeniano, Banchero and Dela Cruz playing in the court, sometimes not just for a breather but taking over the starting 5 or the second stringers.

Now with the Kontrapelo Matchup, I guess it’s up to the players if they want to win and who has hunger to win but one thing is for sure, It’s going to be a Long series and expect a lot of Physicality and Ejections. Yes, Ejections just like earlier, Coach Yeng and Beau Belga are ejected for receiving 2 Technical Fouls. Now it’s just Game 3 of the series, and Expect more of that in the latter part of this series.

Is Coach Leo Austria pulling a Alfrancis Chua-ish?

Before the start of this season, San miguel pulled some strings: They’ve assigned Coach Leo Austria to head the San Miguel beermen this Season to replace former head coach Biboy Ravanes.

Some says that Coach Leo will have a hard time on San miguel’s Blockbuster roster. Some also says that he is the right man for the job. But I guess with what San miguel’s showing right now, I think he is the right man for the job

San Miguel Beermen finished 1st in the elimination round this Philippine Cup, now who would’ve thought that Coach Leo, first time on coaching these group of men would steer them in the 1st place in the elimination round? Now his team reached semis and gaining a 2-0 lead in the semis against Talk N Text

With Coach Leo and the Beermen’s performance, I was able compare him on our (Ginebra) Team Governor Alfrancis Chua (Who was our Head coach back in 2012 Commissioner’s Cup)

Coach Al assumed position after a dismal performance by Coach Siot tangquincen, We never really expected much of coach Al and thought that this will be like the normal “Kangkong Chronicles”. Actually we were Kangkong that time But it wasn’t just like other. At that time Ginebra is having a problem on Herbert Hill as our import, he can’t score, he can’t bang bodies, hell he can’t even grab rebounds. So at that time I was like “Ok another early exit”. But our fortunes changed when we changed import, Coach Al used his “Magic bunot” and it turned out well for the team. We have escaped the twice-to-beat disadvantage against Rain or Shine, and we also escaped the Grit and Grind Semi finals against Talk N Text.. but every happiness has its end, we fell short against alaska in the finals and had a 0-3 standing, making Alaska the champion.

What I’m trying to say is that, even with a short span of time Coach Al was able to lead Ginebra in the finals even with a little amount of time given for him to prepare, even with the loss I was able to cherish that moment that we are in the finals and showed everyone that Ginebra still got the “Never Say Die” Attitude.

Now I think Coach Leo is also going to pull what Coach Al did for us, but I hope they will win a championship because they have a healthy roster and they have this great leader who is steering them in the right path.

Why should Ginebra Pick a Forward in this year’s Draft despite of a Guard-laden Draftees

The Rookie Draft is about to take place on August 24 and will be held at the Robinson’s Midtown Manila. A lot of team are speculating who will they pick, Stanley Pringle, Kevin Alas, Chris Banchero, Matt Ganuelas, Jake Pascual and Ronald Pascual.

Most of the names there are purely Guards and as we all know Ginebra is loaded with guards especially now with the Acquisition of Joseph Yeo. Also next season will be the return date of the Injured James Forrester which will load the Guard position more.

If they pick a guard then the coaching staffs will have another hard time deciding on who will they play.
Remember The guard spot of Ginebra is consisted of Mark Caguioa, Jay Jay Helterbrand, Joseph Yeo, James Forrester, Dylan ababou (Who also can play the 3 spot), Emman Monfort, LA Tenorio, Josh Urbiztondo and also the reserved player Jens Knuttel.

Now that’s a lot of Guards, But I guess Ginebra could also pick for a Forward guy because they lack a guy who can play Forward. Their forwards are consisted of Chris Ellis, Mac Baracael (Who plays like a SG), Jay-R Reyes, Billy Mamaril and Japeth Aguilar. Their only LEGIT Center is Greg Slaughter.

Now I guess all Ginebra needs to do is to focus on getting a Forward/Center guy and try to develop it so that they won’t lack people who can bang their bodies inside the rim. Even with the Guard-laden Draftees Ginebra should consider their rosters and who knows? It might be a remedy to some of their problems.

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