“Ayoko sa call center”

“Ayoko sa call center”

That’s the first thing that went right out of my mouth after I graduated.

I have this mentality back then, when you are going to a call center, your talents will be wasted for their job is not related to my course

I’ve finished AB Broadcasting at a Great University with great schoolmates and professors. They really equipped us with knowledge and skills that will be related to our course.

Anyway, with those are in check I really wanted to land a job in a TV network or in a Advertising firm, to of course, not waste the knowledge that had taught to me.

Months have passed I am still unemployed. some of my friends/schoolmates are already employed. some of them found a Job on a TV network, some of them were in a Advertising firm/agency.

A dream come true.

I became quite envy at them because some of my schoolmates also became workmates, I can see them enjoying in their job/workplace because they are together.

I tried to ask them if there is still a slot or an opening in their firm. well they gave me a person to contact for inquiry. But they also told me that their might be a little chance of me getting employed in their firm since that the firm already accepted a lot of new employees.

I never tried nor contacted the person

I was just not yet ready for work, well that’s what I told my mom at least.

So I again went on stand by mode for a couple of months until my mother told me to find a job already since that it’s been 5 months and I am still unemployed.

“Bakit di mo subukan sa call center? tutal parang tinatamad ka sa mga TV Networks dahil sa mababang sweldo.”

I did not listened to my mother’s advice, at first.

Well I tried following my mom’s advice to look for a job. So I went to look at the internet for a advertising company that is near to my place. (well you know I don’t want to go too far because of traffic in the metro)

Nothing. All of them are in the far south

That’s when the desperation hits, I started visiting the websites of every TV networks here in the and Started to find all of their job openings, looking for something that can fit with my background of education

Again, nothing.

When all else was lost, I started to think “should I just go work at south and sacrifice all of my beloved time because of the traffic?”

In the end I still said “No, you can find a decent job here near your place”

That’s when it hits me, because of my desperation of finding a job. I let go of my picky side and started talking to my sister about applying to her company. Well I asked my sister because I thought it would be an advantage if someone from the company referred me.

I thought wrong.

Anyway, so my sister tried her best to help me in the recruitment phase. We even had a mock interview just to prepare me for the interviews.

Take note: The company that my sister is in is a Call center.

Yes it is a Call center. Who would’ve thought that I would apply to a Call center company, A man who has a strong belief that he does not want to go to work to a call center company because his talents will be wasted?

Well it’s what we call desperation and also being picky-ish at the job

Anyway so the big day has come, It is my interview on the company. My First job interview, well let’s not count the OJT interview for I don’t see that as a LEGIT job interview, Anyway, I was quite nervous and excited at the same time. I tried to remember what my sister has taught me regarding the recruitment in her company. that Time I was confident that I will land the Job

Or so I thought…

When I came in the office, I was really amazed on how the area looks and I really imagined myself working in this company. Anyway, the guys in the recruitment area directed me to a certain room and had me took a test

fortunately I passed it and proceed to another test which was a interview.

So I looks like I passed the interview which I thought the final one, so I expected the next one would be like some sort of a orientation already to the job that I am about to enter.

But I thought wrong.

There was another interview and it looks like this is the final one.

I was sort of caught unguarded but still remained my composure tried to answer every questions that they asked me. The whole thing went well, so after they let me out of the room for deliberation, I am confident again that I would really now pass and get the job.

one of the guy who interviewed me called me back into the room.

Suddenly I felt some sort of a tension in the air. I had a feeling that my answers were not enough for them. But I was still confident that I gave my everything to that interview. So when the interviewers started to talk, what they all pointed out was all positives and a little negatives regarding the interview. But then after they assessed how the interview went, the other guy just told me

“Unfortunately sir, we can’t give you the job”

well that’s not what he exactly said but that was the point. He then said something to about myself or how the interview went well just to compensate the rejection that he gave.

So I left the office with a heavy heart for I thought I could have the same office where my sister is. So I started to tell my sister what happened and of course she told me that she’ll try to do something about it, which I really appreciated.

The rain is falling that day

I think it rained on that day because of this purpose. But when I talked to my mom about it, she just told me that it’s normal in the employment life. she also told me that maybe the company is really not just into guys who had a skillset like mine. also she added that maybe it’s God’s plan not to let me work in that company because maybe there is a company that would suit me best.

God’s plan..

I really do believe in God’s plan and that is why it quite cheered me up and took this event as a learning curve for me to do better in the next job interviews that I will be having. Hey at least I know what to answer and to do in the upcoming interviews.

So I stopped looking for a job for 2 weeks because I was still waiting for the confirmation of my sister if the decision can be reversed. Unfortunately my sister told me that it’s really their final decision and it can’t be changed already. I understood what my sister told me and just accepted it completely. So she just advised me to look for another company.

Another Company?

that is the big question I had for the next 2 weeks. What company should I go next? should I go to another call center company? or is this really a message that I should apply to the TV networks?

I was left clueless for those two weeks so I tried just tried to check in the Internet for any jobs that is available around my area. So when I went to this website and searched for “Jobs in Quezon city” the first thing that popped out is

“We are in need of healthcare representatives! Fixed Saturday and Sunday off!”

Wait, A call center who has a Saturday and Sunday off and it’s just near in my area? I was really intrigued to what the job is offering so I clicked on the link and I read a short description about the Job that they are promoting.

Actually at that time, I really don’t care what job it is anymore. my mindset is to find a job who is near at our house and has sort of a regular schedule.

But I was really intrigued in that Saturday and Sunday off. So I immediately asked my sister on regarding healthcare and what do healthcare accounts do. basically what she just told me is the basics but I really became intrigued. So the day after tomorrow I immediately went to that company to apply.

I really need to get any job now as soon as possible.

So the day has come and I stepped into a unfamiliar territory. I am going to apply to a Company which I don’t have any connections to. But I really need to get a job. so while in the process of recruitment, I was rehearsing myself regarding on what to answer and what to avoid.

I really had my game face on for the entire day.

Nothing actually changed when it comes to the recruitment process, it was just the same like my Sister’s company but of course the questions and tests are quite different.

I got a little bit of anxious and nervous because the events were alike

just like the 1st recruitment, I passed the tests and interviews on the recruitment process so the guys at the HR just asked me to wait for the Final interview, A interview with a person who has a position on the account. then I really started to get quite nervous already because the circumstances were really alike to the previous interview that I had. there was a thought in my head that this may fail also but I still remained composed and rehearsed what I am going to say to different kinds of questions.

It was around 11pm already, I am very hungry and I am the only one left in the recruitment hub/room so I thought that the interview would be continued tomorrow so I tried thinking going home. but I am really determined and hopeful to not to go home empty handed so I still waited.

After a couple of minutes there was a guy who entered the recruitment room and called my name. So I prepped myself already.

This is it. I will do my best and get this job

That was what is running on my mind while I am approaching to the room where I am going to be interviewed.

So I handed over my resume, He looked for it for a while and asked some questions. Some questions are the same questions that was asked to me in my 1st interview so I was able to answer them quickly and with conviction. there were some questions that are new but I was able to answer them confidently, I think?

So now we sort of had a short break because he was still checking my resume and then after writing something in my resume, He started to say his opinion about the interview. So I was like “here we go again” I was really nervous while he was talking because this might be a no again since that there are some questions that are really Identical and of course I answered the same.

So after he was talking, he suddenly says that line:

“You are hired”

Wait, wait, wait. I was accepted to the job! I was not rejected on the job interview and I was ecstatic for it is officially my first job and first step to adulthood.

The rest is history…

It’s already my one year in this industry and guess what? looks like I ate my word about not working in call center. to be honest I am having a good time in where I work right now, people are nice, made a lot of new friends, and the best part is, Good work environment.

Well maybe I am just saying this because it’s just my one year in this company but hey at least my 1st year being employed is all but good memories and I just can’t wait to create more.

God’s plan…

Let’s go back to what my mother said about God’s plan. After a year, I really do think it was God’s plan that I was rejected from my sister’s company for he had greater plans for me. If I was not rejected from that Company, I won’t be meeting these awesome people that somehow became part of my life. I am not saying that It won’t be the case whether I got accepted to the first but I am just so Grateful to have met the group of people who really makes my one year great and again I really still hoping to create more memories with them.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting, indoor and food

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor

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“Ayoko sa Call center”

we need to remove that stigma. I am also a victim of that stigma regarding Call center back then but after working in a Call center for a year, I would like to take back everything I’ve said. Yes most of what we have learned in college won’t be used in this job but the thing is , you will also learn new things in this job. Isn’t that more exciting? learning new things that could associate our past learning?

You’ll never knew until you try…

That’s what I learned in this life process of mine. At first I don’t want to try this one because of what I’ve heard and my beliefs are in the beginning but in the end, I regret all of those what I said and thought at the beginning and actually I am having a good time in my work as of right now.

So if you’re gonna ask me, Do I want to build a career in this profession?

If given a good opportunity, then, Yes.











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