Coach Leo Isaac: The Maker or Breaker for Blackwater?

The Blackwater elite is on the bottom of the standings again with the Star hotshots and also on the verge of elimination again if they won’t pull a miracle right now in the PBA Governor’s Cup.

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Most of the people would say “hey that’s normal, they are a expansion team so that’s what expected of them”. Yeah, I know it’s normal for blackwater to have this kind of standing since they have a lot of young players and they’re a expansion team.

But after seeing the Mahindra Enforcers (Formerly Kia) slowly climbing up the standings, I’m starting to forget that “They are only an expansion team” mindset. In the past few conferences there are times that Mahindra is being a ‘giant killer’, beating some of the big teams. Right now, under Coach Chris Gavina, They are now on the 3rd of the standing compared to Blackwater’s  12 (which is the last).

Right now I can’t help but wonder, is Coach Leo Isaac the right coach for this young team? I am not questioning the skills of Coach Leo, well he brought the franchise to a D-league championship which makes it a reason for them to go up in the big league.

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But the PBA is very different compared to the D-league, I really can’t point out what excatly is wrong, but his style on coaching is not effective. You see Paper wise, Blackwater is better than Mahindra and yet Mahindra is slowly improving and they are always in the bottom of the standings.

All I can say is that, Blackwater has two choices, it’s either replace Coach Leo Isaac with coaches who really had an experience coaching in the PBA or find players that will really be effective in Coach Leo’s system.

Maybe I am wrong, Maybe it’s just because they are having a lot of injured players right now and his players and the coaching staffs are adjusting. But I really do hope that coach Leo (if Blackwater will still give him a chance the next season) would prove me wrong and transform Blackwater into a contender team, like what Mahindra is right now.



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