The Filipinos are Tired

It’s now 3 days before the Philippines will select their next leaders to lead our country into greater heights.

But among the Presidential Candidates there is one man who is making a lot of noise in the media, whether Positive or Negative. I guess you guys know who I’m referring to..

Yes, it’s Rodrigo “Rody” Roa Duterte

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Currently he is leading in the Survey with a 33% behind Poe’s 22% (According to the Social weather Stations). It’s a big margin if you are going to see and it looks like that Duterte has the biggest chance on winning the Presidential election (Well it depends if you’re one firm believer of the surveys) and not to mention he already got the backing of the Iglesia ni Cristo or the INC which is a huge factor in this presidential race.

Anyway, There are really some people asking: Why is Duterte garnering such many supporters?

I really don’t have the exact answer on why but I guess this might be one of the reason why a Mayor from Davao who is not popular back then garners so many supporters.

“The Filipinos are tired”

 The Filipinos are tired on having the same Elitist president who is really having a hard time on reaching out on the people below him.

The Filipinos now want change in the look of the government, they now want a president who could relate on the middle class and even the lower class. There has been so many administrations on which Elite Presidents took place and same results are just happening, there is progress but mostly people from the Class A’s are the one who benefits in such progress.

And Duterte is not an Elitist, he is just living a simple life on a simple house in Davao which really admired by a lot of people. Now the Supporters thinks that if Duterte would won the presidency, he could reach out to the people of the Middle classes and even those who are below.


The Filipinos are tired with the promises but lacks in action and political will.

There are many presidential candidates who promises us this and that but eventually after they became president, those promises are just kept hanging. Why? Because there are times that the plans of the president is “napopolitika” and the president can’t enforce his political will to continue the said projects because he is being held by a lot people thus he/she can’t make a strong and firm decision and let the hands do the job.

Duterte is known for his strong political will, people from davao said that Mayor Rodrigo really uses his power just to continue a said plan for the benefit of his people in davao. Yes as we all witnessed in the recent debates, Mayor Duterte said that he won’t have a lot of platforms and he just might copy the platforms of the other candidates but he added that what he can bring into this country is political will and his leadership.

I think it’s what the Philippines need right now, because many candidates promises to do such things but only few of them are done due to lack of political will. The Philippines doesn’t need more programs and platforms because there are a lot of good platforms which are not done in the past administration, what it needs is a leader who is ready to continue those projects for the betterment of not just few people but the majority of the Filipinos.


The Filipinos are tired on the Politicians who are very neat and tidy on the outside but dirty on the inside.

There are so many administrations on which the presidents are decent, good in english, doesn’t use foul language in their campaign rallies but then they are involved into many anomalities.

Filipinos are already tired of them, now they want something new, a candidate who never hold his tongue on his campaign rallies, being true to himself, doesn’t care even he loses supporters because he said what he really said and most of all a president who is simple.

Duterte has been in the news for so many times because of what he’s saying during his campaign rallies (The Pope Issue, The rape joke which actually isn’t a “joke” because he is only narrating what had happened in the past, his use of foul language, and of course some dirty jokes) but it doesn’t seem to faze his supporters, well maybe there are some who jumped ship because of those, but it’s only few and it didn’t affect his rating at all.

Anyway what I’m trying to say is that Duterte is very true to himself and he is not afraid in exposing his weaknesses. Many Supporters Loved him for that because they knew that this guy speaks the truth. So I guess Filipinos are tired on the clean looking but so many secrets type of politician and wants a candidate who is true to himself at all times.


Lastly I think Filipinos are tired on the crime and corruption inside and outside of the government.

Majority of the Filipinos think that Duterte is the right man for the job if we want to fix the Government from the inside and as a man of Discipline, we all think that he can enforce the law strongly compared to other candidates. Once the corruption inside the government stops and people have become disciplined and afraid to disobey the law, then I think we can now fully continue building the Philippines into a great nation.






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