Pierre Henderson-Niles: The Late comer but the great fit

In the 2016 Commissioners cup The Rain or shine Elasto Painters selected Wayne Chism as their import but there is a little problem, Wayne Chism lost a lot of weight compared to his last stint here in the last year’s Commissioners cup. Coach yeng guiao said that it is not a problem for him, because his team is running the run and gun offense.

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Unfortunately, Wayne Chism Suffered a Hamstring injury in just the first 2 games of the Elasto Painters. So then they picked Antoine Wright as their replacement import to Wayne Chism, but picking Wright was actually a wrong choice for the Elasto painters for they lost 3 out of 4 games with him. So they released Antoine wright and replaced him with Mo Charlo who then meets the expectation of Coach yeng. The Rain or shine won their 4 of 5 games with him averaging at 21.6 ppg, 9.4 rebounds and 3.4 assists.

When everyone thought that Rain or shine already found a stable import for them to parade in the whole Commissioners Cup, Coach yeng suddenly let Mo Charlo go and Brought in the Hulking Pierre Henderson-Niles.

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Many were surprised on why Coach yeng changed their import in the late part of the elimination rounds. Coach yeng said that Pierre Henderson-Niles is the safest bet if they want to go far in the playoffs for he has the Size, post move and decent outside shooting that the Rain or shine needs.

Well I guess Coach yeng made a great move on getting Pierre Henderson-Niles because a big man who could push Junemar and Greg away from the paint is really what they need. Yes they do have Beau Belga who is as large as Henderson-Niles, but we’ve seen how Belga plays. He doesn’t post up that often, He’s more of a face up type of player and lastly even though with the big size, he is having a hard time warding off Junemar fajardo and Greg slaughter without getting a Foul.

“What about JR Quinahan?” Yes JR Quinahan is a part of that Extra rice Inc. but have you noticed his extreme weight loss? With the height like that and a slimmed body, you won’t have a chance on defending the opposing team’s big guys but I have to credit JR’s improved game due to his weight loss, infairness to him he is becoming one of the RoS’ main gunners.

Now we go back to Henderson-Niles, if you watched the quarterfinals game against Ginebra, you can say that he really has that post up move and can easily push Greg Slaughter away which causes the Ginebra to double team him and let his team mates be open. Also Niles provides a heavy screen which is crucial on the Offense they are running because their guards could easily break away from the defender because of the Screen given to them by the Wide body Henderson-Niles. As the result, Rain or shine defeated Ginebra San Miguel 2-0 in their Quarterfinals Match-up.

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In the Semis matchup against San Miguel, It’s a different story already because right now Niles is being defended by Junemar Fajardo or the san miguel’s import Tyler Wilkerson, but as we all see he can hold his ground against Fajardo and Wilkerson still doing the old post up moves but it really works well with Rain Or Shine. Now the Rain or shine is sitting on a 2-1 lead on a best-of-5 series, and a win away they can book their ticket again to the Finals.

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I remember the last championship of Rain or shine which was in the 2012 Governor’s cup, on where they picked Jamelle Cornley as their import. Cornley has that same game, Henderson-Niles have but of course Cornley is smaller and lighter. Then they have won the Championship defeating the Bmeg into a do-or-die game.

What I’m trying to say here is that it doesn’t matter if Henderson-Niles came late for the Rain or shine as long as he can be give Rain or shine the things that they are lacking Offensively and Defensively. With the Inside Presence of Niles, resurgence of JR Quinahan, The improvement of the rookie Ahanmisi, the Bench Contribution of Jericho Cruz and the Sharpshooting of Jeff Chan. I’m quite confident that they could bring another championship for the franchise.