What Gilas needs

We are mid-way Jones Cup and Gilas Pilipinas is showing some flashes of what they can do in the FIBA Asia Championships. But this is a new group there are many flaws also being shown on their past few games in the Jones Cup.

I am no coach, I am just a avid viewer of the game and now here are the things that I think this Gilas team needs to fix/improve for them to bolster their campaign for gold in this Fiba Asia Championship.

Be consistent on their outside shooting.

This is a problem for the team since the beginning of the League. They have been shooting a lot of three ball but they can’t connect. like their game against Taipei, they only made 8 shots on the 36 attempts they made. Against Korea they only made 8 shots out of 22 attempts.

Yes we like to play physical inside, but let’s be practical. We must improve on that because we Filipinos aren’t that big and facing against big enemies would give us a hard time getting inside the rim. For them to have a huge chance against towering rivals they must hit the three ball smart and consistently. Perfect example for that is the Koreans, They are not as tall like China, Iran nor other countries neighboring countries but with their lack of height, they make it up to their outside shooting.

Once this Gilas Squad accomplished this, We would be deadly because we are not just a threat when we play inside the paint or the perimeter but also when we play the trey ball.

True Point guard

I am not saying that Terrence romeo or Jayson Castro sucks at being point guard (He’s the Best Point guard in Asia after all). Both of them have their own style of play, but the problem I’ve observed in this squad is that there is no guy who is willing to stabilize the court when the defense and offense is in disarray.

I noticed that during their first game, when Taipei threatened them with a run and Gilas started to panic. They suddenly committed turnovers and forced some shots. Luckily The Chinese Taipei went out of Gas and Gilas started to roll, winning the game.

Well if you’re going to ask me, the only person that could fill that gap is none other than: LA Tenorio. Not because I’m a Ginebra fan or anything but if you could study LA during his stint in Gilas you know what he can bring.

I remember the 2013 FIBA asia Championship here in Manila, especially the unforgettable Korean game. The Koreans gave Gilas a scary run in the early 4th quarter and Gilas can’t regroup. What coach Chot reyes did, he placed Castro or Jimmy in the 2nd spot while he used Tenorio at the 1st. While Tenorio is manning the court, Gilas was able to regain composure and you know the rest. Gilas won via the heroic shot of Jimmy Alapag which sparked the final run for Gilas.

After watching these past games of Gilas, I really miss having a Tenorio in the team to stabilize their backcourt.

Limit Turnovers

Yes I Understand this is a whole new Gilas squad and Turnovers will be a part of the learning and jelling process of the team but if they really want to aim for the gold in the Fiba Asia Championship they should limit Turnovers.

In their Korean game they’ve committed 14 Turnovers.  Most of them was during the 4th quarter, and the Koreans was able to capitalize on most of those turnovers resulting for Gilas to have a hard time on getting the lead.

Also we are a small squad, we must make our lack of height on the fluidity of our offense. Yes Height is might but it is very important to have a smooth flow of offense and defense to win the game.

Young Center

Yes we do have Sonny Thoss and Asi but they aren’t young anymore, Yes I know they can still hold their ground against their foreign counterpart but the stamina and quickness will be a factor here. We all know that both of them are already pass their prime, they can’t run quick anymore and they are easily to get tired.

Gilas needs some Young Center who could run, Have a low post offense and defense, Perimeter game is on point and also who is tall.

“Meron naman tayo niyan ahh Si Junemar Fajardo”

Yes we have Junemar Fajardo but according to reports he is injured and won’t be able to play for Gilas. Sadly I still haven’t seen any Center that can have a caliber like Junemar. (Sorry Greg you gotta improve that low post defense and offense first before I consider you up to par with JMF)

“How About Blatche He can play Center”

Yes Blatche can play center but most of the time he plays the Power Forward position, but yes he is definitely loaded.

The question now, who is going to sub Blatche?

With the thin Lineup at the PF-C (Asi and Thoss) Gilas would have a hard time on how they manage the rotation for the 4-5 spot that’s why we needed another center who is young.

Look at China, they have a lot of players in the PF-C that is also complete in package. So whenever they sub the other one, they won’t have to worry a lot.

But I am not Coach Tab, and I’m sure he can address what Gilas lacks.

But aside from all of the things I’ve mentioned, the important thing that Gilas needs is our SUPPORT. Yes we don’t have any Marcio Lassiter, Junemar Fajardo, Japeth Aguilar, LA Tenorio or a Paul Lee in this lineup but what we have here right now is players who would really Die for the country, players who are itching to represent our country to the world. Isn’t that what matters?

Yes we may have a strong lineup but what if most of them don’t feel to represent our country like the guys right now? Nothing, we won’t reach the achievement we reached the last time.

But if every single guy on the team is willing to sacrifice anything for the country, even though they are composed of 2nd stringers or 3rd. We will have a high chance on reaching our goal because every one of them is determined to bring home the glory for our country.

That is what PUSO is. PUSO is not just what they say in the pre-game or post-game huddle. PUSO is sacrificing everything for the love of country. PUSO is the support we will give to the men fighting for our country, WIN or LOSE we will stick with them no matter what.

That is why before you say PUSO, ask yourself first: Are you just saying PUSO only when they win? or even they lose? because just like they say, when you really love something, you will accept him/her no matter what the flaw is


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