Why Sanchir’s Stint in Ginebra Bad for Philippine Basketball and Good for Mongolia

Before the start of the Governor’s Cup Ginebra tapped Sanchir Tungalag of Mongolia to be their Asian import.

(c) to paul ryan tan and Sports 5
(c) to paul ryan tan and Sports 5

Sanchir averaged 16.6 Points, 5.6 rebounds and 1.18 assist per game during the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea. But when the Governors Cup came he only averages 4.5 points, 1.0 rebound for Ginebra. also there was this “benching” incident that gains the ire of the fans not just local but also fans of sanchir in Mongolia. The main reason why he is not being used by Coach Frankie Lim is because of ‘Language barriers’. Today, reports came that this will be his last game with Ginebra. It also said there that the new Asian Import of Ginebra will arrive Monday.

Now with Sanchir’s stint in Ginebra, I think this would have a bad effect on the PBA and Good for Mongolia. Why is it bad for the PBA and Good for Mongolia?

Sanchir is a well known player in Mongolia, he is considered as one of the best in basketball when it comes to their country. After hearing that he’s being tapped by Ginebra, many Mongolian fans were happy because it is rare to see a Mongolian player to play in a League like this. Many fans, local or Mongolian fans expected a lot on Sanchir. But when the Governors Cup Started, He was not being used by Ginebra and only played limited minutes. Fans were wondering why he was not getting the minutes. So every after game, Local and even Mongolian fans are ranting on the internet on why Sanchir is benched and not used. Netizens commented that Sanchir could produce more if he was given the minutes he deserves.

With this, I think it’s a bad publicity for PBA especially towards the Mongolian fans because they knew that Sanchir got the potential and yet he was not being used. I mean how could not they be frustrated, your country’s best player is not being used in a League. It’s like benching a Jayson Castro in a foreign League, I’m sure a lot of Filipino fans would also be frustrated if that happens, I mean like the best point guard of Asia will be benched on a team in a foreign league that’s bulls**t right? So I guess that’s how the Mongolian Fans felt towards the PBA and Ginebra after they saw what Ginebra did to their star player, So I guess I can’t blame them.

But there is also a positive thing on Sanchir’s Stint here in the PBA. With his stint, he was able to represent Mongolia to the Filipino People. Mongolia is very foreign for a lot of people, because Mongolia doesn’t have any person who are actually known across the world (well except for Genghis Khan, but that was ages ago). Also Mongolia is a underdeveloped country even though it’s in the middle of two Giants: China and Russia. Mongolia is still on the verge of development and still has a long way to go before they could be developed like their Neighboring Countries. But comparing to the Philippines, we are more developed than them. So I guess that’s one major factor on why Mongolia is very foreign to a lot of people but with the help of Sanchir, Filipino Basketball fans were able to notice not just Sanchir Tungalag’s basketball skills but also Sanchir’s Mother country, Mongolia.


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