Unfinished Business: Why Ato Agustin isn’t a bad ‘replacement’ after all

Ginebra changed its Coaching staff again, they booted out Jeffrey Cariaso after a dismal performance only finishing the 1st round of the playoffs this 2014 Philippine Cup thus making the return of Ato Agustin as their head coach.

Coach Ato isn’t new in Barangay ginebra, Remember he was the coach of Ginebra during the 2013 Philippine Cup and even reached the semis round but fell short in Tim Cone’s San Mig Coffee Mixers (Now Purefoods). But after the run, he was demoted in the Commissioner’s Cup, he was still the head coach but the one who is calling the shots is their Head Assistant coach Juno Sauler.

Ginebra had a ugly run on their Commissioner’s Cup making Juno Sauler not effective, then Cariaso came for the Govs cup until this 2014 Philippine Cup.

But the thing is, Ato agustin shouldn’t be ousted in the first place, he brought Ginebra to the semis (Which is rare) but only fell short in the Game 7 against the Tim Cone-led San Mig coffee, they did not give him chance to grow more on Ginebra and I can see that with his hands, Ginebra is on the right hand and Now that he’s going to relive the Run-and-Gun offense which made Ginebra famous. Remember when Alfrancis Chua revived the run-and-gun offense for ginebra? Yes we’ve reached Finals in the commissioners Cup

So I guess if you combine the Pick and roll (which Ato used back in the Philippine cup) and the Run and gun, it would be good for ginebra especially they have the players for the Pick and roll (Slaughter, Reyes, Mamaril, Tenorio, Brondial, Caguioa, Yeo, Urbiztondo and Helterbrand) and for their Run and gun (Ellis, Yeo, Caguioa, Helterbrand, Urbiztondo, Tenorio, Aguilar, Forrester)

But I really do hope that this will be the last change in the coaching staff for Ginebra in the next 2-3 years even if Coach Ato isn’t Successful because chemistry is really a big factor for the team and we have all the tools, we just have to be consistent on what we’re doing also I hope that the Unfinished business of Coach Ato will now be finished in the next conference or the next years to come.


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