Is Coach Leo Austria pulling a Alfrancis Chua-ish?

Before the start of this season, San miguel pulled some strings: They’ve assigned Coach Leo Austria to head the San Miguel beermen this Season to replace former head coach Biboy Ravanes.

Some says that Coach Leo will have a hard time on San miguel’s Blockbuster roster. Some also says that he is the right man for the job. But I guess with what San miguel’s showing right now, I think he is the right man for the job

San Miguel Beermen finished 1st in the elimination round this Philippine Cup, now who would’ve thought that Coach Leo, first time on coaching these group of men would steer them in the 1st place in the elimination round? Now his team reached semis and gaining a 2-0 lead in the semis against Talk N Text

With Coach Leo and the Beermen’s performance, I was able compare him on our (Ginebra) Team Governor Alfrancis Chua (Who was our Head coach back in 2012 Commissioner’s Cup)

Coach Al assumed position after a dismal performance by Coach Siot tangquincen, We never really expected much of coach Al and thought that this will be like the normal “Kangkong Chronicles”. Actually we were Kangkong that time But it wasn’t just like other. At that time Ginebra is having a problem on Herbert Hill as our import, he can’t score, he can’t bang bodies, hell he can’t even grab rebounds. So at that time I was like “Ok another early exit”. But our fortunes changed when we changed import, Coach Al used his “Magic bunot” and it turned out well for the team. We have escaped the twice-to-beat disadvantage against Rain or Shine, and we also escaped the Grit and Grind Semi finals against Talk N Text.. but every happiness has its end, we fell short against alaska in the finals and had a 0-3 standing, making Alaska the champion.

What I’m trying to say is that, even with a short span of time Coach Al was able to lead Ginebra in the finals even with a little amount of time given for him to prepare, even with the loss I was able to cherish that moment that we are in the finals and showed everyone that Ginebra still got the “Never Say Die” Attitude.

Now I think Coach Leo is also going to pull what Coach Al did for us, but I hope they will win a championship because they have a healthy roster and they have this great leader who is steering them in the right path.


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