Hidden Message of Pacific Rim

I’ve watched Pacific rim a lot of time and of course I’ve observed something

There is a message in the film, maybe there are really no message and I guessed all of that up but still I can prove my arguments by showing you some explanation

Kaiju = Natural Disasters/Pacific storms

(C) to the owner

Kaiju’s they are the big monster who are wreaking havoc in the whole world, now their hidden message is that those Kaiju’s are representing natural disasters of the earth specifically the Pacific Storms.

Kaiju’s are warping in the Pacific area, and in the Pacific area storms are also brewing in that part.

Now the Kaiju’s are attacking the cities near the Pacific (Manila, Tokyo, Australia, Seattle)

Now the Pacific storms are always hitting those area and sometimes does devastating damage like the Kaiju’s

Also Storms are classified as Storm Signals (on how strong the storm is)

Kaiju’s are also being classified by level on how strong they are, 1 being the lowest.

And as times passes by, Kaiju’s are growing stronger to match up the resistance of the Humans. In the storms, they are getting stronger when people are destroying the nature

Jaegers = Things people created to “prevent” climate change and it’s damages

Pacific rim 2

(C) to the owner

The Jaegers are the Gigantic Robots who fights the Gigantic Kaiju’s but then in the movie, they thought that the Jaegers are the answers for the Kaiju’s but were slowly eliminated due to the adaption of the Kaiju’s against the Jaegers

Just like in our climate, people are inventing things to prevent it but it’s already too late and we can’t do nothing about it but just to create things to slow down the damage in our nature and the effect of it.

Well I guess those are my observations on the ‘Hidden message’ of the movie. I hope you’ll get the same observation like I did


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